Founded in 1985, Senior Summer School has been giving retirees an engaging alternative to travel for 30 years; opening a window into the world of academics and adventure. Collaborating with universities, our planning experts consistently create unique programs that get you moving, learning and most of all- having the time of your life!

The Education Vacations typically last between 6-12 nights and include accommodations, 2 meals a day, exhilarating lectures, nightly entertainment and field trips (for a nominal fee). The programs are ready-made, so all you need is an open mind and your sense of adventure! Start each day in the classroom, where you can listen and engage in discussions on current event topics led by the area’s top minds. Next, stretch your legs and embark on one of the many field trips taking place around the area. Finally, relax and let the entertainment come to you as you wrap up each day with your newfound friends.